Aceites Lubricantes Sash


Avenida del Progrreso. Parcela 7C. Polígono Industrial nº2. 46530 Puzol, Valencia, Spain

Valencia | Valencia | Spain

About Us

Aceites lubricantes Sash, S.L., born on 9 March 1990 (Puzol, Valencia) thanks to the experience of its founders, more than 30 years of knowledge in the sector, which have made possible the specialization in the manufacture of high quality lubricants, being present in virtually all sectors of automotive and industry. The company has an experienced and efficient team work that make possible all the requirements of the sector which is constantly developing to meet the continuous changes in the sector. Sash Lubricants The proposed solutions are based on current needs of industry both in high quality lubricants and high technology and the organization and rationalization of the plant lubrication. Our blending plant, about 14.000 square meters, has the latest machinery and most modern facilities, which are updated continuously.


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