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Agaseem Company Factory established in 1997 after series of studies to the lubricants industry and products on the market ,the factory conduct a high standers high quality policies to assure that the company will stand the continuous changing factors in the market. Work environment inside Aqaseem factory is motivational the tasks and roles are distributed between high qualified teams and the policies that the company conduct make sure that the teams will keep developing their skills and their creativity which will reflect on the products quality. Agaseem focus on processing Engine oils ,Grease and coolant liquids and provide it with high quality at reasonable costs, Agaseem produce collection of high quality mineral oil also semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils. Agaseem company produce more than 80 product and obtain great share on the Saudi Market, Agaseem also export its products to countries in middle east Africa and Aisa.


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PetroS , Super Elite , Super Magic