Carl Harms Mineralöle


Werksstr 12, 25497 Prisdorf Germany

Prisdorf | Schleswig-Holstein | Germany

About Us

Carl Harms mineral based in Prisdorf in Pinneberg is your partner for heating oil, fuels and lubricants in northern Germany. We deliver our products to distributors and end customers all over Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt. With our products, we place great emphasis on the highest quality, which not only our longstanding partner Texaco us and guarantees, this claim we underline since May 2010 mainly with its own brand Oilfino. To be successful today, you have something special to offer added value than the competition. We want you by our Service delight ... did you know that you can pay comfortably with us with your debit card on our car? That we bring loose items and package with a delivery? We invite you to make a first impression of our company on our website and would be pleased if this in a personal contact complete.


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