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Cartrix Lubricant's is very particular in oil productions to strictly conform to international specifications. CARTRIX Lubricant's is blended from high quality base oil and a selected variety of additives to impart excellent lubricating properties under the most arduous conditions. It had always strived to make its lube products more superior in quality than those available in the local market. CARTRIX LUBRICANT'S PRIVATE LIMITED, based at GURUGRAM (HARYANA) was founded in year 2014 to manufacture and market High Quality Automotive and Industrial Lubricants and Greases. The products marketed UNDER REGISTERED TRADE MARK OF CARTRIX LUBRICANTS. In order to compete market leaders we extended technical collaboration with ABS AUTO PRODUCTS and other international leaders, All operation related to Sales and Marketing are handled by a team of professional having clubbed experience of more than 50 years with exceptional expertise of Lubricants. Cartrix Lubricants makes Engine Oils/Gear Oils and the Range of automotive specialties is Brought to you by TEAM CARTRIX, pioneers the advancement of the science of TRIBiOLOGY in India Resulting the launch of INDIA'S 1st API CJ GRADE ENGINE FOR HEAVY DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OILS. Tribiology is the branch of petroleum science which deals with the areas of friction, wear and lubrication and their interrelated Effects on each other. Now the Company manufactures and markets Specialty automotive and industrial Lubricants and Greases for vehicles And machines working under different conditions in view to welcome the Future of Automobile industry and Environment.


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