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San Martin de Montalban | Toledo | Spain

About Us

Manufacturing the best product is not our only priority. The excellence is exclusively achieved by providing the best customer services. To get this we have a team of well trained and motivated people, and have both the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that all your needs are being satisfied. In our company we always remember that the best quality in all raw materials used, manufacturing processes, and the best placing of our products on the market is of vital importance for the ultimate customer satisfaction. According to this philosophy, our factories have first-line laboratories with the most advanced equipment in the market. The tests are performed at each step of the production process, from the analysis of raw material to the performance testing of the finished product. In addition, each batch of each product is made an independent analysis, which ensures that the production process has been conducted with the utmost reliability. The combination of knowledge and experience in this field has allowed Fuxion Lubricants to offer the most modern and highest performance products for every application.


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