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Grauer & Weil (I) Ltd., since 1957, has been trail blazer and market leader in the field of manufacture of Electroplating and Allied Chemicals and Engineering Plants to Surface Coating Industry in India. Our relentless commitment to Research & Development of products and processes and various global alliances has enabled us to offer the most comprehensive range of Surface Finishing Processes, complemented by state-of-art equipment and plating plants to the end user Industry. We are one of the very few surface finishing solution providers across the Globe, who can offer integrated packages of Electroplating and Allied Chemicals such as Anodising / Phosphating / Pre-treatment and Topcoats. We also develop Engineering Plants, Effluent Treatment & Waste Recovery Systems, Industrial Lubricants, High Performance Protective Paints and Coatings also for Automotive and Marine Industry to name a few




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