Iran Motor Oil Co.


Unit 8, No. 2774, Mahmoudieh, Vali Asr Avenue. Tehran, Iran

Mahmoudieh | Tehran | Iran (Islamic Republic of)

About Us

Iran Motor Oil Company is a lubricant oil refinery established in 1960 in the east of Tehran. First called "Pooye Co." and then "Iran Kok Petroleum Co.", it got the approvals of the I.S.I.R.I and the ministry of industries and Mines. Then in 1979 due to sudden growth of Tehran and recent developments in related industries, a modern plant was established outside of Tehran. All machinery was designed by B.Meinken - a German company, having the latest achievements in technology the plant consists of: Oil refinery, Blending unit, Filling unit, Can making unit and offset printing-house. Iran Motor Oil Company, manufactures a wide range of products, various lubricants with different applications: Ravand, Rakeb, Esco, and Marlic" are some of the well-known trademarks which are supplied in various sizes from 250 cc to 220 liters. Refining oil helps saving foreign exchange as well as anti pollution programs. Like other major Oil companies Iran motor oil company is heavily involved in refining industry following recent global anti-pollution conventions.


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