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For Nye and its customers, what’s past is truly prologue. Our ability to innovate, adapt and “see solutions” is as much in evidence today as it has been at any time during our history. In the mid-19th century, we addressed the mechanical and instrumentation challenges faced by the whaling ships of the pre-petroleum age. Toward the turn of the 20th, we shifted focus to satisfy customers in burgeoning business sectors then represented by bicycles, sewing machines and the first automotive equipment. As the decades have paraded by, Nye’s lubricants have been charged with improving performance in products as wide-ranging as IBM typewriters, Ford vehicles– and the Mars Rover. Today, Nye is home to more than 1000 formulations and Nye’s people continue to look forward – ready to advance the science and utility of synthetic lubricants in advanced automotive, aerospace, medical and renewable energy applications, among others.


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