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PAKGULF INTERNATIONAL LUBRICANTS, globally leading lubricant manufacturers for over 5 years, Based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. PAKGULF International Lubricants manufactures and blends all kinds of automotive, industrial lubricants and greases, satisfying the needs of our clients worldwide in a wide range of market sectors. Our mission is to develop long term and mutually beneficial customer relationships, while safeguarding the health and safety environment of all persons and places by our business activities. We only manufacture and market products that are superior in quality to any product in the market and supply them with the level of service that our clients expect. This quality premium is achieved by using best and pure base oil and additive packages. PAKGULF International Lubricants always care about client needs and deliver the best quality products and provide high class services to make our clients completely satisfied. Due to congestion in lubricant products industry we know the best possible ways to give the best solutions. PAKGULF International Lubricants also deals in best quality Base Oil, Additive and Polymers e.g. TBN, PPD, Additives for Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil ATF, Anti-Foam etc. Polymers: VI, VII, OCP etc.


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