Smitty's Supply Inc.


PO Box 53063399 Hwy 51 N Roseland, LA 70456

Roseland | Louisiana | United States

About Us

Smitty's Supply, Inc. was founded by Edgar Ray Smith Jr. in 1969 with his wife, George Ann, joining him 3 years later. Having made a small initial investment, Mr. Ray began selling miscellaneous products from his van and used a small room in his house as a warehouse. He sold directly to various accounts such as garages, country stores and auto part stores, being sensitive to their needs and working hard to get them what they asked for. After being on the road for a short time his customers started referring to him as "Smitty", which became his company's name. Smitty's Supply, Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers in the world of lubricants and related products, delivering products of the highest quality at the most competitive pricing.


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