Sri Chakra Lubes Pvt. Ltd.


No:31, Sadhulla St., T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017, Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai | Tamil Nadu | India

About Us

The company is incorporated in 1988 registered as small industry in Pondicherry. The manufacturing unit of the company is with an installed capacity to manufacture 360 MT of lubricants per month. The company is involved in the manufacture of automobile & industrial Lubricants. Lubricants manufactured by the company are sold in the brand name of Chakrol a registered trademark. The company presently is selling greases in all pack sizes i.e from 180 kg barrel to 0.5 kg small pack .The automobile industrial oils are sold in bulk i.e 210 litres barrels and 20lt packs only. The products manufactured by the company are identified to be of good quality with attractive prices.


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