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About Us

Tesla Lubricants was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to the philosophy of producing and marketing extremely high quality, specialized lubricants, both petroleum or synthetic based, which are not normally available run-of-the-mill. From the start, Tesla recognized the need for a diverse line lubricants, greases, brake fluids, coolants and specialty greases that stand apart from normally available commercial products. This led to the innovative development of many industry-leading products which are used widely worldwide. Our products are engineered to be VALUE-FOR-MONEY for the customers. Based on a low-overhead model; with low-cost, self-designed and self-developed factories; own research and development Team which produces component-based lubricants than commercially available, third-party-developed additive “packages”, Tesla utilizes the power of simplicity and “Do-It-Yourselves” principle to arrive at is core competency – Cost effective Quality Products whose technology is fully transparent.


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