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Necessity to find cost effective solutions for running high speed diesel engines on low priced alternate fuels like LDO actually resulted in the establishment of AES. Constantly increasing prices of petroleum fuels had posed a big challenge to the promoters of AES to run the manufacturing plants of their other group companies with captive power. Then came the idea of running the Diesel Engines on low priced fuel LDO. LDO being an impure fuel caused too much expenditure on Engine repairs. In those days no body dared to practice this. Zeal to succeed, and constant efforts and practical usage of more than two years resulted in success to develop specific FUEL ADDITIVES which allowed us to run these High Speed Diesel Engines on alternate fuels with a minimal additional repair costs, but with huge savings on the cost of fuels in comparison to Diesel. The usage of these Fuel Additives was then started in other units of the group where we were able to save a lot on fuel costs. Satisfactory functioning of these Additives in our own group plants encouraged the promoters of AES to set up a separate business entity for making and marketing specific fuel additives for all types of petroleum fuels in the brand name ASHVSHAKTI . Majority of Fuel Additive suppliers in India supply a common solution for all the fuels and all the applications. This is not fair. No good results can be achieved in this manner because. There is no single Additive or Treatment that can serve as a common solution for all the fuels and all the applications. ASHVSHAKTI has custom made fuel additive separately for each fuel and each application.




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