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About Us

Atak Madeni Yag was founded in August, 2005 as one of the companies of Altinbas Holding Energy Groups. In the same year, also operations were initiated to establish a modern Mineral Oil Blending and Filling facility in Izmir as an independent mineral oil company under the commercial name of Atak Madeni Yag Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. and in 2006, this facility was put into operation following the completion of trial productions in May. Thereafter; Atak Madeni Yag has become distinct both in the local and international markets with its product and service quality achieved with Alpet Mineral Oil and Exen Mineral Oil brands. Atak Madeni Yag; which has become one of the important players of the mineral oil sector by using its advanced technological infrastructure intended for doing the best in a single step as well as its resources in accordance with its customer-oriented business philosophy; has not only produce its own technology in a way to most effectively and properly meet the customer needs that change constantly in time but also, together with its qualified and experienced staff, has adopted the principle of maximizing the satisfaction felt by all the local and international customers in regard to its products and services provided. In Atak Mineral Oil Blending and Filling Facility; which has been active since 2006 in Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone located in Cigli district of Izmir as one of Turkey’s most modern oil centers not only in chronological but also technological terms at the same time; currently, production of synthetic- and mineral-based mineral oils, lubricating products as well as cooling system fluids intended for the automotive sector and industrial use. Additionally; it is not only one of the newest facilities in the sector but also equipped with a structure sufficient to comfortably meet the modern needs of today’s lubricating technology with its quality perspective and advanced technology fictionalized on the principle of “doing the best in a single step”. With its management team, which has the sector experience regarding international brands and been organized in line with Altinbas Holding’s pioneer, dynamic and innovative corporate values as well as its quality understanding founded on such an experience, automation-oriented initiatives have been developed in all blending and filling processes. And with this automation system, of which the design and implementation responsibility have been completely and only within the structure of Alpet Madeni Yag, all operations including material entry, blending and filling processes respectively; the experiences that have been cleared of human error and accumulated in years have been able to be adapted to daily life in the most efficient way. Additionally, also with the reverse osmosis water softening unit built in the facility as the first in the sector, it is not possible to catch a high quality standard on international terms in production of ready-to-use antifreeze range. Thanks to the investments made in accordance with the quality prioritization among all products throughout all the processes from project designing to the actual operation commencement of the facility; all ISO 9001:2003 and ISO 14001:2005 quality certification processes have been successfully completed in 2007 even though only a short time passed after its foundation. Besides, national-quality-compatible TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) certifications required for all the products have also been accomplished within the same period and, in 2008, the approvals required for international machine and equipment producers have started to be obtained. We are feeling so proud of being the first and the only company in Turkey, who succeeded in 2008 also completing ISO 29001: 2007 Sector-Specific Quality System Certification within the framework of the same quality operations and in parallel with our quality understanding being established in our company. Atak Madeni Yag, has also completed in a short time ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 29001 Management Systems Certification processes as a guarantee for the transformation of its efforts put in this regard to be transformed into a lasting and sustainable success in addition to being able to contribute each of its technological superiorities into its products and services as an advantage. Atak Madeni Yag, which broke a new ground in our country as well as its sector with its factory investment made in 2015, has afterwards aimed to enrich its success and experience in the mineral oil field by transferring it to grease production, so added a Grease Production Facility to the Blending and Filling Facility located in Cigli, Izmir. With the automation system, which was specially designed for Atak Madeni Yag with a vision carrying grease production much beyond the sector’s standards, now it is possible to prepare grease products in a short period but with the highest efficiency. In this last point to which the technology has been evolved in terms of production and filling techniques; use of the automation system in all processes, from intake of raw materials to the production tank, performance of the process to packaging or products, has added a new value to grease production.




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