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Caravan Oil Suppliers has a rich history of supplying industrial consumables in and around Bangalore. Today the company is distributing a wide range of products ranging from Industrial Lubricants, Industrial Tapes and Adhesives, Safety Products, Metal Working Fluids, Carbide Cutting Tools and Abrasives. With over one thousand clients in and around Karnataka, and a workforce of over 30 specialists, Caravan Oil Suppliers is one of the best in its field and not only offers products for your workplace, but services and solutions as well. Caravan Oil Suppliers isauthorised distributors for some of the world’s most reputed companies. Shell Shell, the world’s most respected Petroleum Company, has a wide range of Industrial Lubricants starting from the regular grades to the Ultra-Specialty Lubricants. The range available includes the following:- Hydraulic Oils,Gear Oils,Compressor Oils,Bearing Oils,Synthetic Lubricants for Gears, Compressors, etc. Industrial Greases,Diesel Engine Oils,Thermic fluids. The lubricants are imported or made in India by Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.


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