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Ducon Petroleum emphasis on high quality, well engineered lubricant products. Structure office at Rajasthan and corre. office in Pune, our team of professionals serves our customers in the Asia Pacific region. Products are manufactured from world class faclities as per National & International standards and ISO 9001:2015 norms in India. which is designed with flexibility to customize to customer requirements and we are bounded for quality assurance.Our services include customer, technical & logistics support, formulation development and laboratory analysis. The structure of Ducon Petroleum that gained strength through its domestic sales network. Company has planned to export its products to foreign countries in future. Our true worthy policies visions will help us to become a worldwide brand. We are a leading supplier known for reliability in delivering lubricant products. Come and experience how our lubricants give you improved performance; prolong equipment life by protecting your equipments. The products meet several latest national & international performance specifications such as API, JASO, ACEA etc., other than OEM credentials. The blending facilities for Ducon Petroleum adhere to highest standards and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified


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