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Vennewatersweg 2B 1852 PT Heiloo The Netherlands

Heiloo | North Holland | Netherlands


GP Great

About Us

GP Great has distinguished itself since 1917 by dynamic entrepreneurship. This means that we take initiatives and seize opportunities where we see them. This has brought us to where we are today: a versatile, healthy company with more than 700 dedicated people operating in three segments: collection and recycling, fuel and oil trade, and infrastructure and engineering. Our style of working is simple and transparent, focusing on quality, reliability, continuity and entrepreneurship. Our area is North and South Holland, Flevoland, Friesland and Groningen. Yet above all we feel a regional undertaking. So it is our corporate culture. We are close to our customers. We speak the language of the entrepreneur. Because that's us too. One powerful GP Great answers the new needs of our markets. Through our processes more accurately align, we add together the value that our customers demand. The three divisions operate independently. This enables them to respond quickly to specific market needs. Simultaneously, they complement each other perfectly in the cycle of waste into raw materials and energy. Each division that produces its own way to contribute.


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