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We manufacture various types and grades of Lubricants. Now the company launches our new brand STAR LUBRICANTS. We are happy to announce our experience in STAR LUBRICANTS. The new brand LUBRICANTS are manufactured by HVI technology to face the latest market condition. The new brand is useful for upgrade type or latest model of automobiles and industries. The product meets various types of performance level. We distribute our latest new STAR BRAND lubricants through our distributor in all over Nepal. We try to give you cheap in price and best in quality lubricants from our new brand. The STAR brand is home-land Lubricants. So we hope that all of you promote the brand by applying the star brand lubricants. Our main goal is to provide Maximum satisfaction to all valuable customers. We already point out that home-land lubricant because foreign lubricants cover our maximum markets due to this our Nepali currency is going out of country. Certainly, that is not good for country. So we launch the new STAR LUBRICANTS to minimize the effects of foreign lubricants.


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